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Langley AFB, VA Langley AFB, VA Housing
            HOUSING          RELOCATION

Langley AFB is in the busy suburban city of Hampton along the Chesapeake Bay of Virginia's southern coast. Your BAH can be used to rent on post or rent/purchase a home of your own off post in the Hampton area.

Click Here for current BAH rates at Langley AFB, VA

Off Post Housing

The average price of a home in the Hampton area is about $160,000; in nearby Newport News a house is about $165,000. Rents near Langley run about $1000 for a one-bedroom rental, and about $2000 for a four-bedroom; this estimate covers the whole Hampton Roads metro area. The cities of Hampton and Newport News are part of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, on the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, a metro area with about 1.7 million people. It is about 20 minutes from downtown Hampton to Langley or from Newport News to Langley. has information useful to a PCSing airman, including climate and weather, local profiles, entertainment, museums, activities, sports, hunting, and fishing, plus some base history, and contact information for base services and nearby resources and services. Click on tabs to the left for information, click tabs on the right for local services, and below for some housing services.

Click here to see Single Family Rentals or Click here to see Apartments for Rent.

Click here to view Homes for Sale by Owner.

Click here for Local Homes for Sale.

Click here to contact a Relocation Specialist or Click here to receive a Free Buyer's Guide!

On Post Housing

Langley AFB on post housing is managed privately by Langley Family Housing (of Hunt Military Communities). Single family and multi-family or townhome style units are assigned based on rank. There are two housing areas, Main Base and Company Grade Officer, which includes privacy fencing and garage/carports. Some housing may have hardwood floors, separate laundry rooms, and fireplaces. Since housing is based on the size of a family and rank, certain areas may include waitlists that vary in length. Call the Langley housing office to learn more about types of homes and availability at 757-764-5040 or 757-864-1330. has more information on the area around Hampton, VA, on base and off base resources, local housing rental rates, climate, attractions, and more. For local information pages, review the links on left of this page. On the right side of the page you will find links to local services and businesses.

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